Product Manager

Date: 2020-05-06

Job Responsibility:

Responsible for the marketing activities of company and products. Assist to manage and coordinate the planning and budgeting of marketing activities. Support the implementation of marketing activities aligned with company's strategy. Manage and guide related vendors and internal staff.

1. Lead new product planning and provide strategic vision of new product planning;

2. Responsible for the preparation of new products and manage the process to ensure successful launch;

3. Responsible for developing and implementing brand marketing plans and activities;

4. Product packaging design and production, coordination of internal and external resources to meet business needs;

5. Forecast and update new product sales demand, coordinate internal supply;

6. Product market data collection and analysis;

7. Responsible for all external products activities;

8. Manage qualification documents and materials related to laws and regulations related to products.


1. Good communication and teamwork skills, able to travel on business;

2. Good marketing thinking and rich experience in marketing activities planning;

3. More than 5 years of relevant experience in the medical device industry as Bachelor's degree, and technical support or R&D background is acceptable; at least 2 years related experience in medical device or life science as master degree;

4. Proficient in Office software, strong writing ability, and able to combine words with the market requirement;

5. Able to express in English, able to read English literature fluently, and have strong document searching and archiving ability;

6. Pay attention to the quality of work, be strongly motivated and take the initiative to implement work thoroughly.



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