Senior system engineer/supervisor

Date: 2020-04-20

Job Responsibility:

1. Responsible for improving and optimizing the company's quality system, and supervising its implementation;

2. Prepare internal audit plan, organize and arrange internal audit activities, verify problems, follow up, coordinate and implement corrective and preventive measures, and promote continuous improvement of quality management system;

3. Assist the department manager in organizing and planning management review activities;

4. Responsible for the system audit of CFDA/FDA/CE and other countries;

5. Assist the department manager to supervise the effectiveness of the company's internal system operation;

6. Responsible for organizing and arranging trainings related to the quality management system.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in medical science is preferred;

2. Familiar with office and other office software;

3. Familiar with ISO13485 quality management system standards;

4. Careful, patient, responsible, clear, good communication skills, team work spirit;

5. Proficient in English reading and writing.



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