Wallaby Medical launches Avenir® Coil System for hemorrhagic stroke treatment in Japan

Date:2021-12-27    WallabyMedicalPR

SHANGHAI and LAGUNA HILLS, CA - December 27, 2021 - Wallaby Medical ("Wallaby"), a rapidly growing medical device company focused on developing and commercializing medical device products for treating stroke has partnered with Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. ("JLL"), a publicly-listed medical device manufacturer and distributor with 48 sales offices across Japan, to bring Wallaby's Japan PMDA approved Avenir® Coil System to the Japanese market. Avenir® is used in the intravascular embolization of intracranial aneurysms and other neurovascular malformations (such as arteriovenous malformations and arteriovenous fistulas), as well as arterial and venous embolization of peripheral blood vessels.

Stroke accounts for over 125,000 deaths¹ annually in Japan and is one of the leading causes of death. Wallaby's vision is to become the medical technology company which saves the most lives affected by stroke, and thus Japan is one of the most important markets to serve. "We are dedicated to improving stroke patient care and this partnership enables us to cover the entire Japan market immediately. JLL's exceptional reach and relationships mean Japanese physicians will now have the Avenir® Coil System as the go-to device to deliver the best possible outcome for their patients.", said Michael Alper, CEO, Wallaby Medical.

Avenir® Coil System is designed with three outstanding features: exceptional complex framing, ultra-soft finishing, and an innovative highly reliable instant detachment system. The proprietary design includes a reduced coil first loop diameter to minimize coil herniation during aneurysm introduction. The exceptional framing effect provides excellent aneurysm wall apposition and implant distribution to facilitate dense packing. In addition, ultra-soft finishing coils manufactured from ultra-fine primary wire enhance softness and conformability, allowing for optimal space seeking capability for the deployed coils to realize higher packing density.


"We are very pleased to bring Wallaby Medical's highly competitive products to the Japanese cerebrovascular treatment field and provide physicians with new treatment options. The Avenir® Coil System allows us to enter the cerebrovascular area, and also meets the needs of physicians in the abdominal aortic treatment area, where we are already strong. We are confident that our collaboration with Wallaby Medical will be an important milestone in the development of our business", said Keisuke Suzuki, President and CEO of JLL.


About Wallaby Medical

Wallaby Medical focuses on developing and commercializing medical device products for treating stroke. Wallaby's products include the Avenir® Coil System which is a technically differentiated neuro embolic coil system for treating intracranial aneurysms and other neurovascular abnormalities, the Esperance™ Aspiration Catheter FDA 510K cleared for ischemic stroke treatment procedures in the US, and the Esperance™ Distal Access Catheter approved for delivery assistance in China. In addition, Wallaby has a full range of neurovascular products under development. Wallaby's products are commercialized in over 20 countries and regions. For more information, visit www.wallabymedical.com.


About Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd.

Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. ("JLL") engages in the import, development, production, and distribution of medical devices. JLL delivers products to medical institutions across the country using its business locations throughout Japan and an extensive network within the medical community cultivated over many years. JLL is a publicly traded company, ticker symbol 7575 (TSE 1st Section). Visit the Japan Lifeline website at: http://www.japanlifeline.com.


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