Wallaby Medical partners with Brainomix to bring the most comprehensive AI stroke imaging solution to China

Date: 2021-09-26 03:16by Wallaby Medical PR

August 26, 2021

SHANGHAI, CHINA – August 26, 2021 -  Wallaby Medical (“Wallaby”), a rapidly growing medical device company focused on developing and commercializing medical device products for treating stroke, and Brainomix Limited (“Brainomix”), a UK-headquartered company that specializes in the creation of AI-powered imaging biomarkers and software solutions that enable precision medicine for better treatment decisions, announced the signing of a new distribution agreement. As part of the agreement, Wallaby will distribute Brainomix’s e-Stroke software to stroke centres across Greater China.

Stroke accounts for over 1.79 million deaths1 annually in China and is one of the leading causes of adult disability. Wallaby’s mission is to become the medical technology company which saves the greatest number of lives of people affected by stroke, and Brainomix’s leading-edge AI diagnostic tool is an important addition to the full range of products and solutions that Wallaby provides to physicians treating stroke. “We are dedicated to improving stroke patient care and understand the importance of speed and precision. With this partnership, Wallaby will bring comprehensive AI stroke imaging software solutions to support fast and accurate treatment decisions in Chinese hospitals. We are excited to enable our physician community to deliver the best possible outcome for their patients.” said Michael Alper, CEO, Wallaby Medical.

Brainomix’s e-Stroke is an AI-powered software platform that supports physicians across a stroke network by providing real-time interpretation of brain scans to help guide treatment and transfer decisions for stroke patients, allowing more patients to get the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time. Consisting of three modules – e-ASPECTS, e-CTA and e-CTP – the e-Stroke platform can support comprehensive imaging-based needs, enabling full network solutions, from simple imaging to more advanced assessments.

e-Stroke has already received the support of Chinese physicians.  Dr. JIAO Liqun’s team at Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University in Beijing commented “e-Stroke platform is a powerful and effective AI diagnostic software to assess early ischemic signs on stroke patients’ plain CT brain scans. It helps to identify appropriate patients for thrombectomy and leads to improved patient outcomes.”  Brainomix AI analysis and thrombectomy are the “perfect couple” to combine together for better treatment for stroke patients. 

“We are excited to launch this partnership with Wallaby, who have demonstrated a strong track record of success in China, with a commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for their customers. We see tremendous potential in China and look forward to working with Wallaby to deliver our innovative e-Stroke platform to hospitals and networks as a way of expanding access for more Chinese stroke patients to life-saving treatments,” said Dr. Michalis Papadakis, CEO and co-founder of Brainomix.

About Wallaby Medical

Wallaby Medical focuses on developing and commercializing medical device products for treating stroke. Wallaby’s products include the Avenir® Coil System which is a technically differentiated neuro embolic coil system for treating intracranial aneurysms and other neurovascular abnormalities, and the Esperance DAC catheter, which is already approved in China, for ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke treatment procedures. In addition, Wallaby has a full range of neurovascular products under development. Wallaby’s products are commercialized in over 20 countries and regions. For more information, visit www.wallabymedical.com .

About Brainomix Limited

Brainomix is an Oxford-based company specializing in the creation of AI-powered software solutions to enable precision medicine for better treatment decisions. Founded in 2010 as a spin-out of the University of Oxford, its e-Stroke Suite provides clinicians with comprehensive stroke imaging solution, helping to interpret images and facilitating faster, more confident treatment decisions for patients with suspected stroke. To learn more about Brainomix and its technology visit www.brainomix.com , and follow us on Twitter , LinkedIn and Facebook .

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