Wallaby Medical Won Two OneFLAG Awards


OneFLAG Conference, a prestigious annual human resources conference in China organized by HRflag, kicked off in Shanghai on September 7, 2023. Wallaby Medical received two important honors at the conference: OneFLAG Award – “BEST HR MANAGEMENT TEAM” and “BEST HR PROGRAM OF 2023”


OneFLAG Award is regarded as the most prestigious and important honors in the field of human resources management in China. It recognizes breadth of vision, exceptional leadership, outstanding achievement, and invigorative influence of Chinese human resources management teams, projects, and leadership, and drives improvement in human resources management.  

The OneFLAG Award 2023 had attracted 943 applications from 12 countries and regions. The panel of judges, which were composed of Chinese and international human resources experts, had conducted professional evaluation through three criteria and indicators - innovation, performance, and value, in a span of 140 days, and finally presented 65 awards. The human resources management teams of a number of Fortune Global 500 enterprises were awarded the OneFLAG Award winner logo.

For good practices in human resources management in 2022 and successful implementation of the Wallaby Fair program, an internal activity, in 2023, Wallaby Medical won OneFLAG Award – The Best Human Resources Management Team and OneFLAG Award – The Best Human Resources Project. These awards gave recognition to the expertise of the company’s human resources team in developing effective human resources strategies, strong team building skills, and first-class human resources management system, as well as its courage to innovate and practice, and influential role in the field of human resources management in Greater China.   

In the future, the human resources team of Wallaby Medical will remain committed to its mission, continue to innovate in the forefront of the field, keep improving practices, advance towards a higher level, and pave the way for solid progress of Wallaby Medical, a comprehensive multinational medical technology company with a global manufacturing and sales network, in conquering greater summit in the field of neurointervention.

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