Wallaby Medical ranks among Top 10 Most Growing Innovative Device Enterprises


On June 13, 2023, 2023 China Biomedical Technology Innovation Value Ranking award ceremony was held in Shanghai, and Wallaby Medical was selected one of the Top 10 Most Growing Innovative Device Enterprises.


 奖状.jpgInitiated by Shanghai Biopharmaceuticals Industry Association and Yiyun Tech, 2023 China Biomedical Technology Innovation Value Ranking aims to provide guidance on the innovation path and industry development direction of biopharmaceutical devices based on data.

The whole process from candidate collection and selection to result release took half a year. Through independent application, institutional recommendation, big data screening and special research, the organizers screened more than 30,000 enterprises and institutions at all levels, with product elements, team elements, competitive elements, commercial elements and value elements as five core evaluation indicators.


The selected companies such as Wallaby Medical are pioneers in driving industrial change through innovative and disruptive technologies, and are the most influential and innovative representatives in the field of biopharmaceutical devices. All these companies dare to meet the unmet clinical pain points of the world through their own technological breakthroughs, and are growing into new forces in China that compete with multinational giants in the industry.

Independent research and development  Build the local brand

Founded in December 2015, Wallaby Medical is a company focusing on providing innovative, groundbreaking and clinically proven stroke treatment technologies and solutions.


Wallaby Medical Avenir Coil System


Avenir Coil System is the first self-developed and locally produced product of Wallaby Medical. Since its launch in 2018, Wallaby Medical Avenir Coil has been approved in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide and has been widely praised by medical professionals for its excellent product performance. The Avenir coil is comparable to imported brands in terms of clinical performance and market reputation, which further proves that China's smart manufacturing has promising prospects! 

Quality assurance  Adhere to international standards

The vision of the company is to "To become the medical technology company that saves the most lives affected by stroke." To maximize the benefits of clinic and patients, Wallaby Medical always strictly controls the quality. From raw material procurement, production site, manufacturing process to finished product testing, there are experienced teams responsible for supervision, management and implementation; the quality management system of the Shanghai production base has already passed the rigorous review by BSI, a leading international standards, testing and certification body.

Incorporate things of diverse nature  Reinforce the path of innovation

In April 2022, Wallaby Medical successfully acquired phenox GmbH, a global leader in innovation and technology for the neurointervention industry based in Germany, which further improved the recognition of Chinese neurointervention medical devices in the global market.




Wallaby Medical' s holistic stroke solutions after the acquisition of phenox

Boasting of a richer neurointervention product portfolio, a more internationalized innovative R&D team, and broader market coverage through the acquisition, Wallaby Medical can provide holistic stroke solutions to clinicians in more than 60 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Europe and Japan, and become the world’s leading neurointervention medical technology company.

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