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Shanghai Wallaby Medical Technologies Co., Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "we" or " Wallaby ") attaches importance to privacy of users. We also understand that privacy is very important to you. Therefore, we will make every effort to protect your personal information. Please read this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") carefully when you visit our website.

By using this website, you agree to the terms of the most recent version of this Policy. By providing us with personal information or using this website, you agree to the terms of this Policy. Please read our Terms of Use to understand the general rules about your use of this website. Except as written in any other disclaimers, policies, terms of use, or other notices on this website, this Policy is the complete agreement between you and Wallaby with respect to your use of this website.

In addition, you should review the privacy policy and terms of use provided by a third party before using any third-party services connected to our website, so as to ensure that you are fully aware of the third party's collection and use of your personal information before you give any authorization.

1. How do we collect and use personal information?

Personal information refers to information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded by electronic or other means, such as your name, address, unique personal identifier (e.g., device ID, online identifier), Internet protocol address, email address, telephone number, account name, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory, or other similar information.

You can access many parts of our website and online resources without disclosing any personal information. Through the information we collect from your computer or other electronic devices when you visit our website and use our online resources, we can enhance the user experience. This information may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), domain name, MAC address, operating system version, browser type and version, the date and time of your request, and information provided by tracking technologies, such as Cookie, single pixel tags, local shared objects (Flash), local storage, ETAG and scripts. If you use mobile devices to access our website and online resources, we will also collect information about your device, such as device identifier and device type, and your information about using our mobile website and other mobile resources.

2. How do we keep and protect your personal information?

In principle, the personal information we collected and generated during our domestic business will be stored in the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Unless otherwise stipulated by laws, regulations or provisions, our storage time of your personal information will be limited to the shortest time necessary for achieving the purpose that we have your authorization. If we terminate operations due to business plans or other reasons, we will inform you of such situations, stop collecting your personal information, delete your personal information we have collected or anonymize it in accordance with laws, regulations and provisions.

3. How do we use Cookie and similar technologies?

When you visit our website, we may use Cookie, pixel tags and other similar technologies.

Cookie is an information clip that is stored directly on the computer or other network  devices you use. Through Cookie, we collect information such as your browser type, the time you spend on digital services, the web pages you visit and other network data. We and our service providers use Cookie for security purposes, promoting guides, showing information more effectively, and realizing individuation while using websites, and analyzing user activities. We also use Cookie to identify your computer or device in order to assist you in using the website services. In addition, we also use Cookie to collect statistics on use of websites in order to continuously improve the design and function of the website and help us solve problems related to website services. You can refuse to receive cookies in accordance with the instructions of the browser, but if you choose not to accept it, it may be inconvenient for you to use the website.

Tags, also known as web indicators and transparent GIFs, and other similar technologies may be used in e -mail information in certain web pages and HTML formats to track the behavior of website users and e-mail recipients, measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities, and collect statistics on the usage and response speed of website services, so as to better design targeted interactive advertisements and improve customer support and usability.

We use Cookie and similar technologies to enter personal information on the form or data field on our website. If you agree, Cookie can remember the information. By using Cookie and similar technologies, we can provide custom -made content based on your interests and preferences according to your past activities, and summarize statistical data and analysis trends on this website in order to manage and improve the website.

We will not use Cookie, pixel tags and other similar technologies for any other purpose than those stated in this Policy. You can delete the cached data stored locally by tracking technology by cleaning the cache. You should note and understand that if you refuse to use tracking technology, you may need to change the user settings yourself before each visit or use of our services. Moreover, we may not be able to provide you with a better experience, and some services on this website may not work normally.

4. How do we share personal information to third parties?

We will share as necessary personal information with our affiliates. Some modules or functions of the website will be provided by suppliers, service providers and other authorized partners ("Partners"). We will share with Partners personal information necessary for providing services. We may entrust Partners to handle some of your personal information solely for the purpose stated in this Policy. We will require our Partners to abide by strict confidentiality obligations and take effective confidentiality measures such as written agreements and so on. We will prohibit them from using your personal information for other purposes without your authorization. If you refuse our supplier to collect personal information necessary for providing services, it may cause you to be unable to enjoy the services provided by such supplier in the process of using the Wallaby website.

We will only transfer or disclose your personal information under your explicit consent, or comply with a law or regulation, court order or other legal process.

5. How do you access and manage your personal information?

If you need to change your personal information, or deny use of your personal information in our database, or let us know what restrictions you have on our use of your personal information, or you need an electronic copy of your personal information for transmission to another company, within the scope of applicable laws, provide you with the right to migrate data, you can contact us, and we will reply to your request as soon as reasonably practicable in accordance with applicable law. In order to protect your rights, we only implement requests for personal information related to your account, email address or other account information, and we may need to verify your identity first.

6. Children’s privacy

If you are a child under the age of 14, you should not use our website or provide us information before your parents or guardians read this Policy and consent. If your parents or guardian disagrees with you using our website or providing us with information, please stop the use of our website and inform us immediately so that we can take corresponding measures.

7. Change and update of this Policy

We reserve the right to update and modify this Policy from time to time. The updated Policy will take effect immediately upon being released on the website. Please review the revised Policy. If you continue to visit this website after our updated Policy takes effect, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the updated Policy and are willing to be subject to it.

8. How to Contact Wallaby

If you have questions or comments about this Policy, please contact us:

Tel: 【021-6128 7128】

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Address: 【Level 1-3, Zone C, Block 3, Xingchuangyuan, Lane 299, Kangwei Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China】

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